Brochure Design 

With the recent rise of digital media, printed communications such as brochures have seen a decline. However, brochures still form a crucial part of any businesses marketing and communications strategy. Potential customers are not always tied to their computer screen so evaluating a purchase or services over a well designed and quality printed brochure can make all the difference and deliver a real return on investment.

From my Cardiff based design studio, I deliver brochure designs that pack a punch, cleverly targeted, engage with the customer and are not thrown into the recycling bin. My experience in print buying means he has an expert understanding of paper stocks and print finishing. I can advise if a beautifully embossed brochure cover will deliver the required edge or whether a gorgeous spot UV layer will bring out the quality of your product range imagery.

Design that works

I don’t just produce pretty artwork, my best creative designs are produced by;

  • Guiding the readers thought process through engagement, information on products or services and finally the outcome
  • Ensuring a unique visual appeal whilst still following current branding
  • Thinking about how the brochure will be used
  • Keeping it simple through the use of headlines, bullet points, charts and images
  • Include calls to action to engage the reader responds to the marketing material
  • Creating interesting and thought provoking covers with minimal wording and vibrant imagery
  • Using correct paper to portray the quality and feel required