Flyer & Leaflet Design

Leaflets and flyers come in varying size formats which are usually A4, A5, A6 or DL and can often be a low cost form of marketing due to their printability in mass quantities. I use my extensive experience in graphic and print design processes to create visually attractive leaflets and flyers that ensure success for your advertising campaigns.

I specialise in creative thinking so if you’re looking for a punchy idea to make your advertising standout from the crowd, look no further than myself.

I doesn’t just produce pretty artwork, my best creative designs work by;

  • Ensuring that the information presented within the flyer or leaflet is easily readable and presented without visual ‘clutter’
  • Less is more in regards to fonts. Keeping to a maximum of two to three font families ensures a professional result
  • Creating strong visual impact through clever use of imagery that engages the viewer
  • Including calls to action such as ‘order now’ helps direct your customer what to do and encourage them to act immediately. Incentives and discounts are a great way to achieve this
  • A well designed leaflet and flyer will create a lasting impression